The Bywaters

Probably the best thing about living out here has been how often we’ve been able to see Robin and Andrew, Sophia, Oliver, Elliot, and Isabel. We have thoroughly enjoyed every visit and really feel like we’ve gotten to know each other better and grow much closer this last year. Their kids are wonderful examples and play so well with mine. I get many ideas from Robyn on how to be a better mother and run my home more smoothly. I remember as a girl we used to go visit my Dad’s cousin Dee Whittier and his family in Virginia. His wife’s name is MaryLou and she was supermom. After every visit my Mom would have a new chore chart inspired by MaryLou–as kids we didn’t like that part, but we loved the visits. I imagine that my be a little bit like it is after my visits with Robyn. We’ve been able to celebrate holidays with them, baptisms, summer breaks, etc. That time has been unforgettable and I’m so glad we’ve made such good use of it.

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